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Over 15 years’ experience in underwater intelligence
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Civil Tech was founded in 2005. We operate throughout Europe from Turku, Finland.

Civil Tech provides expert solutions for underwater research. We offer underwater sonar imaging and planning services with over 10 years’ experience. Our portfolio includes highly professional engineering services including shallow underwater scanning, and planning and project management for challenging dredging and construction projects.

Our flexible approach and profound knowledge of the field, as well as our understanding of our customers’ requirements, guarantee satisfaction, even on a tight schedule.

Civil Tech

Levante USV



Vessels travel between ports following routes in the open sea. Routes lead to ports via approach channels which are often shallower than open sea and must be therefore carefully planned.

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Echo sounding inspections

Prior to any underwater construction work, e.g. planning, designing and building a port area, you will need to inspect the underwater conditions. These include the seabed, existing structures, debris, depth and so on.

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Project management

Project management from the planning stage to completion of the project. Having a qualified engineer supervising your project will guarantee successful results and help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Careful planning is vital to successful underwater construction. We are happy to assist you with planning your underwater projects and gathering the required data about the seabed and other structures with our underwater sonar inspection service.

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Other services

In addition to sounding, planning and designing services, we offer comprehensive services for underwater projects, including submission of the required planning authorisations. For the contract acceptance we offer bar sweeping service with authorised surveyors.

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Underwater pipelines, Tromsø

Measuring of Åland’s shallow waterways

Deepening of the Kokkola waterway

Port of Turku

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Frank Eriksson

+358 (0)40 827 5460

Marko Reilimo

Head of engineering
+358 (0)400 748 049

Risto Penttinen

+358 (0)40 586 2886

Mikael Sundqvist

Survey engineer
+358 (0)40 722 3355

Kimmo kuusela

Project engineer
+358 (0)44 257 3005

Kasper Engblom

Technical expert
+358 (0)44 298 1064

Valtteri Reilimo

+358 (0)40 8676645
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Civil Tech Oy Ab
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