Measuring of Åland’s shallow waterways

The Government of Åland is Finland's second largest passenger carrier after the Swedish Transport Administration and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately 480 km of shallow waterways in the Åland archipelago. Shallow waterways include those with a depth of 4.1 m or lower and are mainly used by smaller tonnage boats and pleasure boats.

Civiltech Oy is one of the Åland government's three main consultants for planning seafaring. CivilTech carries out measuring and planning shallow waterways in Åland during the period from 1 November 2020 to 31.10.2018 on behalf of the Government of Åland.

The mission is part of the Finnish Transport Agency’s overall project to document all public waterways digitally. The project will lead to updating of both electronic and printed chart products.

The task that CivilTech carries out to the Government of Åland is based on the fact that the client and the consultant together plan the assignments, draw up budgets and timetables for implementation. So far, we have been happy with the quality and delivery times.

-Ian Bergström, Project manager Department of Infrastructure, Government of Åland

Port of Turku

We have had a long partnership with Civil Tech in projects requiring low-frequency sounding. As a matter of fact we have relied on Civil Tech’s professional approach since it was established in 2005.

Civil Tech is rather a natural partner for us as they are local, and thus easily available. Civil Tech frequently surveys the conditions of the waterways in port, dock area and disposal site.

-Markku Alahäme, Development Manager, Port of Turku

Deepening of the Kokkola waterway

Civil Tech was an efficient partner for us in the construction-planning phase of the deepening of the Kokkola waterway. The planning stage took place between November 2017 and May 2018. Civil Tech also assisted us in fitting this phase of the project in around the challenging project of deepening the port at Kokkola. All in all, the deepening of Kokkola Port and Water Way is a massive project and the planning phase was coordinated by three partners.

Civil Tech’s flexibility is impressive and the company has shown great knowhow and understanding of our needs, even though the project schedule is very tight. Our cooperation with Civil Tech continues as construction planning is ongoing. The Kokkola Water Way and Port project will be completed in 2020.

-Seppo Paukkeri, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency

Underwater pipelines, Tromsø

Echo sounding inspections of underwater pipelines is a great innovation allowing for an instant, comprehensive picture of the pipelines along with exact coordinates. Now we can pinpoint the exact area where divers can focus their work and start comparing changes overtime.

The guys from Civil Tech did a good job. The work went according to the timeline, the team was flexible and the end result was very good.

- Fred Magne Johansen Engineer, Tromsø Water


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