Careful planning is vital to successful underwater construction. We are happy to assist you with planning your underwater projects and gathering the required data about the seabed and other structures with our underwater sonar inspection service.

We specialise in shallow-water inspections and planning in Europe. Our experts provide highly professional planning of underwater areas for ports and oil terminals, pipeline installations and bridges. We also carry out statutory sea-way inspections and can help you with the planning authorisation process.

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Echo sounding inspections

Prior to any underwater construction work, e.g. planning, designing and building a port area, you will need to inspect the underwater conditions. These include the seabed, existing structures, debris, depth and so on.

With our versatile range of echo-sounding equipment and services we are sure to be able to fulfil your needs. We provide multibeam echo sounding, sub bottom profiler, seismic sounding and side scan sonar.

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Project management

For vast underwater projects, efficient project management and communication are key to success. We can assist you with project management from the planning stage to completion of the project. Having a qualified engineer supervising your project will guarantee successful results and help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Vessel and traffic simulation

Vessels travel between ports following routes in the open sea. Routes lead to ports via approach channels which are often shallower than open sea and must be therefore carefully planned. We use simulations to verify fairway plans so that dredging can be minimized and safety factors can be taken into account. We can help you simulate the traffic for any special reason; tug manoeuvring, fuel consumption and other important aspects of vessel behaviour.

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Other services

In addition to sounding, planning and designing services, we offer comprehensive services for underwater projects, including submission of the required planning authorisations. For the contract acceptance we offer bar sweeping service with authorised surveyors.

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