Civil Tech

Over 15 years’ experience in underwater intelligence

European-wide operations

Civil Tech was founded in 2005. We operate throughout Europe from Turku.

Civil Tech provides professional solutions for underwater surveys, planning and implementation with over 15 years of experience.

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Product range

Our product range includes high-quality services for professionals, including underwater floor and structure scanning, design and project management for challenging dredging and construction projects.

Our flexible approach and deep field expertise combined with understanding our customer’s requirements and needs ensures high satisfaction even under tight schedules.

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Ship and traffic simulation

Ships navigate between ports along open sea routes. These routes lead to harbor fairways, which are often shallow and difficult to navigate and therefore the success of the precisely planned channel navigation is tested through simulations.

Bathymetric Surveys

Underwater dredging and construction as well as port construction require knowledge of underwater conditions even during the planning stage. Water depth and the exact bottom surface model, current structures, sediments, etc.

Project management

Project management from planning to implementation. Professional contracting and supervision ensure a successful outcome and help avoid unpleasant surprises.


We are happy to assist you in planning underwater projects, as well as collecting and presenting the necessary information. Our planning also includes preparing the necessary plans and documents for obtaining permits and compiling the bidding request material.

Other services

In addition to research, planning, and project management services, we offer various complementary services. Such services include bar sweeping surveys, which are used to approve work and formalize fairways and port areas.