Accurate design is crucial for a successful underwater construction project. We are happy to assist you in the planning of underwater projects, as well as in the collection and presentation of the necessary information. Our planning includes obtaining permits and preparing the tender documents with the necessary plans and documents.

We specialize in underwater research and planning in Europe. Our professionals offer high-quality underwater area planning for ports and oil terminals, as well as for installation of pipelines and bridges. We conduct official waterway acceptance inspections and assist in the permit and validation processes.

Echo-Sounder Surveys and Marine Surveys

Underwater excavation and construction as well as port construction require knowledge of underwater conditions in the planning phase, such as the depth of the water and the detailed bottom surface model, existing structures (structure inspections), sediments, etc.

With our versatile surveying equipment and services, we believe we can meet your needs. We offer multi-beam surveys (MBES), low-frequency surveys (SBP), seismic surveys and side-scan sonar surveys (SSS).

Project Management Services

We offer project management services from the planning phase to implementation. Professional project management and supervision ensure a successful outcome and help avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ship and Traffic Simulations

Ships navigate open sea routes between ports. These routes lead to harbor fairways, which are often shallow and difficult to navigate, and so it is important to test the successful navigation of a carefully planned channel through simulations. We use simulations to optimize dredging while considering safety.

We can help you simulate traffic for various specific needs, including tugboat operations, optimizing fuel consumption, and evaluating the behavior of ships in many other ways.

Other Services

In addition to research, design, and project management services, we offer various complementary services. These include for example bar-sweeping, which are used to approve work performed and officially approve waterway and harbor areas.

For projects, we carry out various environmental monitoring obligations, such as water samples or continuous monitoring of the aquatic environment.